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Monday, June 06, 2005


I feel sooo accomplished...I went to the laundry and did 5 loads of clothes...Which is really one of those jobs i not only hate but really hurts my back and makes me wish for lots and lots of pain pills, but I was tough and did it without them..like going to laundry during the week as there isnt a lot of people there and on weekends there is nothing but ole mexican men doing thier laundry..we have a pretty good size bunch of people from across the border...i dont ask for their green card as im pretty sure they dont have one...dont care as most of these guys are just hard working old farts that are sending money back home...There was just me and 5 old guys doing laundry sunday...nice odds...finally hauled all my nice clean clothes home and decided to do a little house cleaning..so took the small desk/dresser out of bath room and swept and moped the bathroom floor...then I took the large dresser and put in the bath room and swept and moped the corner where it was..then put all the clean clothes away. finished cleaning and moping, put on clean sheets, showered and fell into bed ...and looked out side and it was still day light..fuck..only 8pm...my granddaughter jenny came by with her latest whine and bitch about her daddy, my son...she has worked for over 30 days with one day off, her prom and saved up $1,000 to put down on a new car and her daddy is jerking her around. said he would help her but now his idea of help is to have her take over her step mothers payments on her new car so she can buy a new mustang..jenny said she didnt want her step mothers new buick..she wanted her own car that she picked out and would be what she wanted ....a new mustang...which the step mother didnt even mention she wanted till jenny said she wanted to get one...this woman has a servere case of "imacunt"..jealous of an 18 year old..now thom wants to buy a motorcycle. this kid is one of the top 4 worse drivers in the world and wants a motorcycle...bang my head.... im going to get so much insurance on this kid ...
well, i need to go place the ad in the paper for my garage sale... round up my other grandaughter and mow the yard again...ugh..im boring myself..

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