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Saturday, June 11, 2005


The democrats are all bitching cause howard dean is ranting and raving about the republicans...who gives a fuck what they think anyhow...the wussy democrats and the asshole republicans..what are the republicans going to do...? not ask you to their birthday party..take away your favorite toy? What pissses me off is that what he is saying is the truth...and so, the truth hurts...buy a fucking bandaid..like forest gump ever had a real fucking job...hasent worked up a sweat working since he was a yale cheerleader...they cheat, they lie, they only care about themselves and peole that can be helpful to them...fuck they have all the charms of my 3 ex husbands combined..no one trusts forest any more. no one thinks he is doing a good job.he lied to us. he cant keep his stories straight from one news cast to the next...if we were married to him we would devorice him...but he''s still the president..fuck me ..i''ll never dance with a smile on my face again.

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