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Thursday, June 30, 2005


I will be so glad when I get thru with this flapping garage sale...jenny my 16 year old granddaughter came over and we got alot done, but so damn hot I let her off so she could go to the lake with her friends..I cant believe the crap I have..2 sets of golf clubs(I dont play golf, my tits get in the way), a saddle, blanket and riata(dont ride a horse, my ass is too big) and all kinds of other stuff..my stuff will soon be someone''s shit..my aussie friend Ross has been reading my blogs and thinks Im pretty funny. He still cant believe I havent had sex in 20 years...now, why would even a great story teller tell a lie about that...most people lie and say they get it all the time...I admit, I used to get more ass than a toilet seat..but dem days is long gone..no one wants a long tittied old broad...my bra sizes are not just by the cup size anymore..they are like mens suits...I wear a 44 long...wanna shoot me in the chest..aim for the knee caps..Henerietta the librarian is pissing me off. no one checks out more books than I do..she got about 7 new books and cataloged them and gave me one...I can read those 7 books faster than 7 people can read one..fuck...im a book hog, that is all there is to it..well, until I get the garage sale done, I wont be charging off to Crawford to kick forest's ass. but when I do go, my blogger posse is going with me..so be prepared..we are going to sneak off to the ranch(there are no fucking livestock..it should not be called a ranch...compound maybe..but not a ranch.)and do some damage to ole forest's ass...cut down all his trees maybe...drain his tank...flatten all his bike's tires...I'll think of something..all while using the 100 best movie quotes..still have a bunch left....ya'll come back and see me ya'hea


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