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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I hate to admit it...but I would have done all but the ones where i hurt other people..like my friends girl friend and my friends wife...Because there is no good excuse for hurting some one while drinking or sober..and the goddess knows i have said some mean ass things when i was drunk...i started out a funny happy drunk..but as the liver went and the brain was scrambled...I became argumentive, hostile, angry and not to nice of a person...
The real reason why I quit drinking was for my granddaughters..They were spending alot of time with me and I loved it and I loved them so much and when they would come to the house I would not drink...Then thought one day..what if something happened to them, an innocent fall or some small accident and their parents would think maybe I was drinking and if I hadnt been, no accident would have happened. That never happened because I quit drinking...Did not want one thing to come between me and those beautiful babies...just wish I had been smart enough to have done it for the kids and not had to wait for the grandkids to sober up...But better later than never...The girls are 18, 18, 16, 12 and we are all glad grandma doesnt drink...The only sad part of this story is the drop in whiskey sales, stock in lone star beer dropped and 2 bars went out of business..

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