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Friday, June 24, 2005


I will finish the invasion of the white house by me and rocky..but have to get some sleep first..jamie my 16 year old granddaughter was taking care of her sister jennifer''s new little pit bull puppy and I got stuck babysitting it...his name is kilo but I called him spike as in what I would like to drive thru his little shitting every 4 minutes heart...Dont get me wrong...I love dogs and Im crazy about this little puppy...but I have house trained the last dog ever...I dont get much sleep as it is, but waking up every 3 hours to take the puppy out is a pain in the ass. because its just not taking the dog out and him going and coming back in..its the other two dogs getting up and going out too and then all three of them deciding to play, chase crickets, fetch the golf balls that are scattered all over the yard...and just fuck around...by the time I get eveyone back in bed and asleep, its time to take the little fucker out again...plus I had to keep a close watch on the 2 older dogs as they werent all that impressed with his cuteness and tried to eat him twice... they did not think it was cute at all when he jumped on their tail and started chewing it ..or chewing on ppp''s ears...trooper would actually run from him and looked at me like "please, get him off of me"..so when Jamie came over today I shoved the pup in her arms and said "see ya later gater"...feel bad cause I volunteered...just didnt know that the dogs would try and make dinner out of him...
I went to american film institute web site and down loaded all 100 of the most favorite movie quotes..so will start on the rest of the story... have lots of great ideas, but have this thought that the feds are probably reading this shit and the idea of me making jokes about storming the white house and kicking forest gumps ass, might get me arrested and tossed in jail....but...its just too good not to try...so after I do write it and no one hears from me in say 5-10 years...lets hope at least I get a nice federal pen to spend it in....

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