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Saturday, June 18, 2005


When the kids were younger and we all lived at home and since I had been devoriced from the boys dad since they were 4 months and 22 months..and maryjo's dad left us when she was 14 months ..so I have been mom and dad..anyhow..They used to get me Father's Day gifts each fathers day...They would buy me the most god awful ugly ties you have ever seen with a happy fathers day card...even wrote about it to the waco paper and they did an article on it for fathers day...I like to think the kids should be grateful I was such a thom boy and knew all about sports or they would have been such wussy's..I have seen some boys raised by single mom's and they didnt know jack about sports or cars or things that dad's usually teach them..cause mom didnt know about sports or cars..I always thought maryjo should have turned out gay for the same reasons but she is still into males...even though she does live in san francisco..
so to all my blogging daddy's out there...HAPPY FATHERS DAY..

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