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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well, I finally put ad in local paper for the garage sale...I have done eveything possible to stall and make excuses to keep from doing it..but so sick and tired of the "room of shit"...in this room are tables, chairs, saddles, 2 sets of golf clubs, tools, a small trampoline, books, picture frames( a box full)books, carpet shampooer, wet/dry vac, old record player, records, books, dish wear, glasses, knick nacks, clothes, small and large tile..boxes full,more fucking books,curtains, sheets, and so much more stuff I have forgotten. Havent been able to get in this room for 6 months...and I am almost possitive that Rocky has shit in there some place and I cant get to it..I may just sit the fucker on fire...not Rocky, the room full of shit..
weird stuff is going on in my little town of mayberry...two saturdays in a row someone has let the dogs out...and they have made an all day trip out of it and dont come home till 10pm or so...cant imagine what kind of trouble they were getting into...so far no cops.. and then yesterday I went to go to the library and the truck is deader than my last husband..the lights had been left on...but here is the kicker...I almost never drive at night...last time I had driven the truck was sat. afternoon.. no lights... so either when I was getting out of the truck I hit the switch and turned the lights on, (tried and it is pretty hard to do) or some kids think it would be funny ....summer time and nothing for them to do...and Henrietta said there had been lots of calls to police because kids were pulling stunts all over town. knocking over mail boxes out in the country, stealing gas, some breaking and entering ...usual summer pranks..but they had better know if I catch them I will drop kick them Jesus, thru the goal posts of life..
rented 5 movies again for a week...sometimes that is too much pressure on me to watch all those movies in a week..every night is ...gotta watch a movie, only have 4 more days to watch these movies...fuck..takes all the joy out of it...only one good movie out of it..Man on Fire with denzel washington...now that was a good movie..like revenge movies. kicking ass movies..which brings me to the summer movie I would love to see ...war of the worlds..but that stupid fucking tom cruise has made it almost impossible to go and see it now...every time I see his face I will be wanting the aliens to eat his ass..or at least kick it..little fucker..what a nut job..
I am down to counting the days now...til.....football season...I might as well warn you all now...I totally become bi-polar during football season..as I live and die with the cowboys...if they win I am manic and smile like a jackass eating cactus..if they lose I am so despondent that I twist between homicide and suicide..but know someone has to die...preferably a eagles fan..I hate the eagles..I hate the eagles fans...I pray to the Goddess daily during football season to smite them fuckers...and smite them good..
well, guess I should go start getting ready for the garage sale...fuck...

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